If it has got to do with security, odds are we could do it. We deploy a mix of seasoned and certified security leaders, analysts, testers and ethical hackers to set and execute your security program. We take care of all aspects of people, process and technology.

    Application Security

    9 out of 10 breaches happen due to software defects. We want to make sure you’re not part of this statistics.

  • - DevSecOps Consulting
  • - Source Code Review
  • - Secure SDLC Implementation
  • - API Security Testing
  • - Web App Penetration Testing
  • - Mobile App Penetration Testing
  • - ASVS review
  • - Red Team Assessment

    Compliance & Data Privacy

    Yes, compliance can even get you more customers.

  • - ISMS- ISO 27001
  • - GDPR
  • - NDPR
  • - CCPA
  • - SOC 1 & 2
  • - PCIDSS
  • - PIMS (Privacy)
  • - HIPAA
  • - RBI Audits

    Security Trainings

    Your employees could be the weakest link in your security strategy. Let’s change that.

  • - Security Awareness Trainings
  • - Phishing Simulation

    Threat Hunting

    It takes 280 days* to identify and contain a breach. Fight better against cyber-crimes with Sumeru Threat Hunting.

  • - Discover and remove signs of threat
  • - Understand the impact of breach
  • - Get in-depth visibility into different threat vectors
  • - Get insights into motivation, methods, and tools of the attackers
  • - Drive hypothesis-driven investigation

    Incident Response Management

    Mitigate serious information security incidents on time

  • - Incident Identification
  • - Incident Analysis and Investigation
  • - Identification of impact and containment
  • - Forensic Analysis
  • - Resolve Incidents & Recovery
  • - Evidence Collection and Reporting

    Network & Infrastructure Security

    It’s not a question of will your network be compromised—it’s when.

  • - Vulnerability Assessment
  • - Penetration Testing
  • - Secure Configuration Review
  • - Network Architecture Review
  • - Endpoint Detection and Response
  • - Email Security
  • - Cloud Security Assessment
  • - Container Security Assessment
  • - Red Team Assessment

    Threat Meter

    Peace of mind for external attack surface management.

  • - Scan beyond perimeter
  • - Monitor dark & deep web
  • - Detect phishing threats
  • - Detect rogue mobile apps
  • - Discover impersonating domains, social media accounts

    Sumeru SOC-as-a-Service

    Monitor & respond to cyber threats, faster, with Sumeru SOC-as- a-Service. It’s a 24*7*365 security monitoring, threat intelligence & incident response service tailor-made for businesses who are serious about their security.

  • - Threat intel enrichment
  • - UEBA
  • - Network Traffic Analysis
  • - SOAR layer
  • - Advanced SIEM platforms
  • - Experienced and certified engineers backed L2 and L3 support
  • - Dedicated team

    Red Team Assessment

    Know how well your cyber security program will perform against real-world attacks with Sumeru’s Red Team.

  • - Goal-oriented attack simulation
  • - Test the security resilience against targeted attacks
  • - Uncover serious gaps with tailored assignments
  • - Mitigate complex security vulnerabilities
  • - Evaluate security investments better

Rise above Basic Security Hygiene

Traditional Security is not enough against motivated hackers, sophisticated cyber-attacks and evolving threat landscape. Improve your security program now with Sumeru's advanced Security Solutions.


Security isn’t about the technology, it’s about the trust your customers put in you. Over the last twenty years, we’ve developed an approach of security that builds this trust.

  • Identify

    We’ll work to understand your business security objectives, what data and services are critical to your success, and how they might be exploited by a malicious actor. You’re a unique organization with unique challenges.

  • Test

    This is where our experience meets what matters most to you. We’ll unleash our security team to shake out vulnerabilities. Every assessment is unique and we’ll adjust our methodology to ensure we deliver you real value, not a cookie cutter scan.

  • Guide

    Our team takes the findings from the assessment and charts you a course for remediation. We’ll collaboratively discuss next steps that will provide you with a roadmap to incrementally improve your organization’s security.

  • Repeat

    Security is a journey, not a destination. Our goal is to continually help you increase your organization’s security hygiene, knowledge, and processes with actionable intelligence and proven advice.

Trusted by the best in business.

“I am particularly impressed with their technical expertise in the Microsoft stack. They are driven to complete projects on time and give total attention to accuracy of outputs.”

- Director, NettPositive

“Sumeru is the best thing that happened to my business.”

- Giri, MindfulMeal