1. Cloud Management

    We help you build confidence in your cloud ecosystem to drive innovation, empower your workforce, and manage risk.
  • - Onprem to Cloud migration
  • - Application migration to cloud
  • - Serverless computing consultation
  • - Cost optimization consultation
  • - Cloud security
  • - Monitoring and fine tuning of critical metrics
  • - Performance Monitoring

    2. Server management

    When you’re experiencing rapid growth, it’s natural to get entrenched in the daily grind of managing the server. We help you perform, grow, and flourish without any server hiccups.
  • - Operating System Hardening
  • - Windows and Linux Support
  • - Backup and DR plan
  • - Secure Image Creation
  • - Server Hardening
  • - Server Auditing
  • - File Server Auditing
  • - AD Auditing
  • - Exchange Server Management
  • - Exchange Server Auditing
  • - Data Leak Prevention
  • - File Integrity Monitoring
  • - Compliance Reports
  • - Vulnerability Testing

    3. Workstation Management

    We help established business with technology and assets selection, implementation & maintenance, taking the burden of managing large workstations.
  • - Anti Virus/ Endpoint Detection Response
  • - Patch Management
  • - Backup
  • - SSLVPN with MFA

    4. Firewall & Security

    Enable more efficiency, amplify your visibility in the threat landscape, and build strong protection with our around-the-clock firewall monitoring and management.
  • - Firewall Audit and management
  • - Firewall Hardening
  • - VLAN Segregation
  • - Patching
  • - Penetration Testing

    5. Remote Monitoring and Management

    Manage more clients, install and update software remotely and administer patches, tasks of every device with end to end remote work support system.
  • - ITIL based Help desk service
  • - Proactive remote IT Support
  • - Infrastructure Monitoring
  • - Infrastructure baseline
  • - Network architecture design and review
  • - Network Hardening
  • - Penetration testing
  • - Network compliance

    6. Patch Management

    We protect business-critical systems from vulnerabilities by managing the deployment of patches to operating systems, firmware, or systems software.
  • - Centralized Patch Management
  • - Patch Process and Procedure
  • - Zero-day Vulnerability Support

    7. Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Save your business-critical assets from unexpected disasters with our water-tight backup and disaster service. You’ll business much better knowing that we’ve got your back.
  • - Design and Implementation
  • - Backup and DR
  • - DR Drill Test and Report
  • - Backup Restoration

    8. Software Licensing Services

    Let us manage the complex licensing process for multiple software products. Tell us your requirements and we will suggest you the right licensing option helping you to optimise your investment in the best possible software.
  • - Software Licensing
  • - Windows Licensing Consultation
  • - Cost Optimization on Licensing
  • - Office365 Licensing Consultation

    9. Email Migration and Management

    Simplify your email migration and management workload with us. We help business to address all migration pain, manage their accounts and take care of the cloud and security for smooth and secured business communication.
  • - Migration to Preferred Email Vendor
  • - Email Data Archive and Migration 
  • - Email Security
  • - Account Management
  • - 360 degree Support


Doing this function for large multinational banks has made us better in all ways in last 20 years. You’ll work with industry best consultants while setting up your processes. We work with strict SLAs leaving absolutely no room for ambiguity. We’re known for our ability to provide pre-trained staff to our customers for the required domain.

  • Graduate from Break-fix IT to Managed IT.

    Literally meaning no longer waiting until the server, desktops or other critical devices fail, then scrambling to fix them. Until the data is lost, downtime is incurred, productivity is reduced and revenue is hit.

  • Transit easy

    We manage tiny details of efficiency, something you may not have the time for. From process assessment to planning. From setting up the resources & infrastructure to implementation. From monitoring to correction. It’s on us.

  • Easy on pocket

    We’ve figured out a way of being effective and at the same time affordable. We continuously improve the efficiency of our processes, bring in more automation and as a consequence we’re never prohibitively expensive for small and medium size businesses. Our clients will give you their word for it.

Clients across industries

Established brands, government agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.

“I am particularly impressed with their technical expertise in the Microsoft stack. They are driven to complete projects on time and give total attention to accuracy of outputs.”

- Director, NettPositive