1. Secure SDLC

Integrate security at all stages of your application development.

- Integrate security right from the planning, to the design, development, testing, and deployment stage.

- Incrementally improve your team's security culture and processes so you can stop security mistakes before they reach production.

- Introduce right tools, processes and trainings to mature current development cycle to secure SDLC.

2. DevSecOps

It’s 100 times more costly to fix a vulnerability in production.

- We "shift security to the left" to make sure security, like every other functional requirement, is integrated into every step of development.

- The goal is to bridge traditional gaps between IT and security while ensuring fast, safe delivery of code. Silo thinking is replaced by increased communication and shared responsibility of security tasks during all phases of the delivery process.

3. Secure Code Review

"An application is as secure as its weakest link in code".

- We review your code to find security flaws in source code of your app to ensure it is safe before you take it live, and conduct periodic security audits.

- We identify hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, detect insecure coding practices such as injection flaws, buffer overflows, cross site scripting bugs, weak cryptography using mix of open source and commercial code review tools along with our manual review approach.

- We will help you to scan full codebase and run deep manual examination for areas of critical importance.

4. API Security Testing

Find the gaps in your API security before an attacker does.

- APIs are often poorly tested, if tested for security at all. We make sure they are secure before, during, and after they are in production.

- It begins with a tool-based vulnerability assessment. After interpreting the assessment results, we use manual techniques and human intuition to attack those vulnerabilities

- Receive a comprehensive report with narratives of where we started the testing, how we found vulnerabilities, and how to fix them.

5. Penetration Testing

The old, classic and famous “pen testing”.

- We start by identifying the places that matter most to your organization—the data you most want to protect, that keeps you up at night.

- We combine an understanding of hacker mindset, industry best practices, and our own proprietary approaches.

- Comprehensive report with detailed understanding of issues found which are useful for developers to fix vulnerabilities.

6. Mobile Application security testing

Are your mobile applications secure enough to earn and retain the confidence of your customers?

- Mobile applications face serious challenges. Insecure data storage, weak server side control, insufficient protection at the transport layer, client side injection among many.

- 3 layered assessment: We combine Automated, Semi-Automated and Manual tests, and make sure that no known vulnerabilities are left undiscovered.

- Our post remedial assessment makes it even better. It ensures that the discovered vulnerabilities are plugged and the application is made secure. No escape.

7. ASVS Review

Get the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) review done.

We can help you with :

- Review of your web or mobile application according to OWASP ASVS / MASVS with the help of penetration tests, source code analysis, configuration reviews and audits.

- Clear and easy to understand documentation of results and suggested measures.


Application security is hard. It’s uncomfortable having your application poked and prodded by a security team. We build mutual trust with a positive approach and provide education about how attackers think and approach attacking an application, allowing developers to understand how to proactively build better security controls in the future.

  • Focused at your business

    When we engage your application, we start by identifying the places that matter most to your organization—the data you most want to protect, that keeps you up at night.

  • Integrity of your app

    Our security specialists evaluate the integrity of your application by acting as a skilled adversary to identify your software's weaknesses before they put your users and business at risk.

  • Not just a push button solution

    Our security specialists have a real passion for the craft. We don’t just push a button and send you a report. We put highly qualified humans in front of your application.

When to go for assessment?

Here're some examples of situations where you might find an assessment beneficial:

- You just built a new product and want to make sure the security and privacy promises you are making are valid.

- You just rolled out new features to your application.

- Enterprise customers are starting to ask questions like “When was your last security assessment?” and demanding copies of the report.

- It’s been a year since your last engagement with a security professional. Time has passed and you are unsure if any new attacks / vulnerabilities exist in your application.

Clients across industries

Established brands, government, agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.

“I am particularly impressed with their technical expertise in the Microsoft stack. They are driven to complete projects on time and give total attention to accuracy of outputs.”

- Director, NettPositive

“Sumeru is our Information security partner! Their ability to align service delivery to business goals has directly helped us add value to our customers. It is this approach that makes Sumeru different from other vendors.”

- Paruchuri Raghukumar, TATA Power