Why go for Threat Hunting?

  • - Discovery and removal of any signs of threat in the environment
  • - Insights into attackers, their motivation, their methods, and tools
  • - Significantly reduce both mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats

How Sumeru can help?


Unlike an alert-driven investigation, our threat hunting is a proactive activity that begins with a hypothesis to verify (hypothesis-driven).

Solid team

Team of offensive security professionals with deep understanding of cyber threats and the tactics, techniques and procedures of criminal adversaries.

Reach to roots

We don’t just hunt the threats we also investigate their root cause and provide mitigation steps to prevents such threats in the future.


We charge fairly and keep it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Sumeru Approach

Know your threats, improve your security program and make data-driven decisions to reduce cyber risk.

  • Developing the investigation scenarios

  • Gathering the data from various sources

  • Testing the scenario

  • Execute threat hunting

  • Reporting and analysis

Today’s attackers are silent intruders. They are patient, persistent, sophisticated, and attack PPT (People-Process-Technology) for maximum compromises.

It can be challenging for cyber defense teams to step back from routine activities and hunt for the evidence. Sumeru helps businesses identify and reduce intrusion chances by proactively looking into systems and networks for evidence of compromise.

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