1. External Attack Surface Monitoring

Continuously view, monitor and improve cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem.

- See what hackers see about you

- Scan beyond perimeter

- Monitor dark & deep web

- Detect phishing threats

- Detect rouge mobile apps

- Manage brand & reputation

2. Red Team Assessment

Know how well your cyber security program will perform against real-world attacks.

- Test the security resilience against targeted attacks

- Uncover serious gaps with tailored assignments

- Mitigate complex security vulnerabilities

- Evaluate security investments better

3. Cloud and Container Security

Tackle the challenges of cloud infrastructure and container the smart way.

- Comprehensive testing of internal and external components of cloud- hosted infrastructure

- Perform a cloud security audit and get report on strengths and weaknesses

- Detect malicious activity within cloud infrastructure

- Improve your overall cloud security posture with our recommendations and remediation plan

- Get the complete visibility of container hosts

- Run vulnerability scans and obtain detailed reports

- Detect malicious events running in the containers and remediate

4. DevSecOps

It’s 100 times more costly to fix a vulnerability in production.

We "shift security to the left" to make sure security, like every other functional requirement, is integrated into every step of development.

- Gap assessment of current DevOps

- DevSecOps Implementation Plan

- Introducing security tools and processes

- Assistance and fine- tuning

- Knowledge transfer and handover

5. Threat Hunting

Detect and isolate advanced threats that evade your existing security solutions.

It takes 280 days* to identify and contain a breach. Fight better against cyber-crimes with Sumeru Threat Hunting.

- Discover and remove any signs of threat

- Understand the impact of any discovered breach

- Get in depth visibility into the different threat vectors

- Get insights into motivation, methods, and tools of the attackers

- Drive hypothesis-driven investigation

6. SOC

Monitor & respond to cyber threats, faster.

- Monitor networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites

- Get alerts of security events based on impact and severity

- Dedicated SOC team with the best of the breed SIEM products

- Upgrade your SOC with Threat intel, UEBA, SOAR and Network Traffic Analysis

7. Advisory and Awareness Training

Best of security leadership + Best of security trainings

- Enable leadership on critical business and security factors

- Get expert assessment on security threats, risks, compliance

- Get complete support on compliance and certification

- Build effective cybersecurity & resiliency program following CIS and ASVS controls

- Reduce security knowledge gap and avoid common pitfalls with Employee training, Phishing Simulation powered by in-depth reports and employee effectiveness program

8. Compliance and Certification

Get compliant the smart, proven way and build credibility with your customers

- ISMS- ISO 27001



- SOC 1 & 2


Security isn’t about the technology, it’s about the trust your customers put in you. Over the last twenty years, we’ve developed an approach of security that builds this trust.

  • Identify

    We’ll work to understand your business security objectives, what data and services are critical to your success, and how they might be exploited by a malicious actor. You’re a unique organization with unique challenges.

  • Test

    This is where our experience meets what matters most to you. We’ll unleash our security team to shake out vulnerabilities. Every assessment is unique and we’ll adjust our methodology to ensure we deliver you real value, not a cookie cutter scan.

  • Guide

    Our team takes the findings from the assessment and charts you a course for remediation. We’ll collaboratively discuss next steps that will provide you with a roadmap to incrementally improve your organization’s security.

  • Repeat

    Security is a journey, not a destination. Our goal is to continually help you increase your organization’s security hygiene, knowledge, and processes with actionable intelligence and proven advice.

Clients across industries

Established brands, goverment agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.

"They have been top class professionals when it comes to planning our security needs. Their ability to bring best practices to table and help us implement the same with a clear sustainable methodology had immensely helped us improve our security posture."

- ADP India,

“Sumeru is our Information security partner! Their ability to align service delivery to business goals has directly helped us add value to our customers. It is this approach that makes Sumeru different from other vendors.”

- Paruchuri Raghukumar, TATA Power