Continuously view, monitor and improve cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem.

Threat Meter gives you an outside-in view of the security posture of your entire IT infrastructure. Based on the frequency you choose for monitoring, Threat Meter helps you understand how you stack up across various risk categories :

  • - DNS health
  • - SSL health
  • - IP reputation
  • - Public data leaks
  • - Outdated patches
  • - Service configuration
  • - Open ports
  • - Site reputation

Driven by AI. Powered by human intuition.

Scan beyond perimeter

Identify and minimize external risks by gaining insights on exploitable weakness, compliance issues, misconfigurations, open ports, etc.

Manage brand & reputation

Detect and discover impersonating domains, social media accounts, and mobile applications. Takedown before they target the customers or employees.

Monitor dark & deep web

Comprehensively monitor surface web, dark and deep web. Track exposed data across online file stores, criminal forums, code repositories, marketplaces, paste sites and other sources.

Detect phishing threats

Get the deepest visibility into different phishing threats. Uncover typo squatting domains, phishing pages and takedown them.

Detect rogue mobile apps

Actively monitor and hunt down unofficial and rogue mobile applications. Report and takedown them.

Simple report & debriefing

We provide detailed reports and recommendations for the most critical risks including detailed evidence, impact analysis, and steps to remediate.

The Threat Meter advantage

Getting hacked isn’t pleasant. Odds are hackers have already got hold of information about you that they can use to attack you from wherever they are. We’re on your side in this forever war.

  • Start with a score

    It all starts with a score. It’s a simple indicator of your security posture in your industry. We then provide you with the tools and intelligence you need to improve the cyberhealth of your ecosystem.

  • All-the-digital assets

    Get a complete purview of your external web and mobile apps, APIs, cloud storage, SSL certificates and domains and understand how vulnerable they are.

  • Get alerts

    Be alerted when employee login credentials are compromised or stolen. Discover data exposures related to any part of your business and prevent breaches, protect customers’ trust and avoid regularatory fines.

  • 20 years of experience + Full automation

    We get both of these in a fair deal. We charge based on the frequency of monitoring you choose. And the initial assessment and report is absolutely free of cost.

We get both of these in a fair deal. We charge based on the frequency of monitoring you choose. And the initial assessment and report is absolutely free of cost.

It’s easy & 100% free to get started.

Clients across industries

Established brands, goverment agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.

“Sumeru is our Information security partner! Their ability to align service delivery to business goals has directly helped us add value to our customers. It is this approach that makes Sumeru different from other vendors."

- Paruchuri Raghukumar, TATA Power

“Top class professionalism has been consistently shown by Sumeru in planning, execution and report delivery of Information Security assignments.”

- Shangri-La,