Does your business hold data that you believe is highly sensitive in nature?

  • - Do you have low tolerance for downtimes on systems that are business critical?
  • - Is there a risk of loss of public confidence or customer confidence leading to significant loss of business if a breach becomes public?
If you said "yes" to two or more of the above questions, SOC can be at the heart of your security strategy.

SOC is like CCTV cameras on your entire infrastructure, that beep when there's a likely problem.

See everything

SOC monitors and looks for suspicious activity on your networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites. All day, everyday.

Get alerted

It automatically correlates the security events against global threat intelligence data and generates prioritised alerts based on impact and severity.

Respond swiftly

Respond to threats in minutes. If there is anything that could harm your business, we get in touch very quickly and help you with your mitigations.

Go beyond SIEM. Here are SOC's main functions.

The SOC functions break down into the following identifiable categories.

  • Awareness of assets

    We first get well-versed with the hardware and software running on the network. A high awareness can help maximise the chances of detecting developing threats early on.

  • Defense systems

    We keep the basic defense system in place first. Like ensuring only approved ports, protocols, and services are running. And we keep adjusting the defenses, based on the increased awareness of the threats.

  • Incident response system

    We create a well defined incident response process for consistent incident handling across the enterprise. It includes organization-wide plan, external communications plan for vendors, customers and public.

  • Uber tools

    We use cutting edge tools in the business : SIEM. Ticketing tool, Threat Intelligence Feed, AI Powered Automated incident response tools, UEBA ( User and Entity Behaviour Analysis).

Millions of security events. 73,424 attacks. 90 require action.

With SOC, you'd know which ones.

But without SOC, would you even know if you're under a cyber attack? Reach out.

Trusted by the best in the business

Established brands, government agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.

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- Swathi Gaddala, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions

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- Paruchuri Raghukumar, TATA Power

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