What are the most common security mistakes committed by employees

Reports say, 81% of company data breaches due to poor passwords.

The old security proverb says, “The Security is largely a human problem”. Most information security incidents and data breaches occur because of human mistakes.  The biggest risks to security are mostly human errors which can be broadly classified into-

  • People putting data where it doesn’t belong
  • People not following policies
  • People losing portable electronic devices with data on them
  • People falling for phishing and social engineering schemes

If organisations don’t step up to inform, educate, train their employees to understand the sensitivity of their information and take required steps to add extra layer of security, attackers can take advantage of it and intrude into system.

Here are the most common security mistakes committed by employees-

How to overcome this challenge? 

Having a robust technical cybersecurity infrastructure and enabling the basic security hygiene are important for an organisation. But they are not enough.

In one of the most popular Harvard Business Review articles, Dante Disparte and Chris Furlow reinforces on this point.

“Firms can be lulled into a dangerous state of complacency by their defensive technologies, firewalls, and assurances of perfect cyber hygiene. The danger is in thinking that these risks can be perfectly ‘managed’ through some sort of comprehensive defense system. It’s better to assume your defenses will be breached and to train your people in what to do when that happens.”

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