1. Employee Trainings

Each employee’s security knowledge is your greatest security asset or liability, so one of the best investments you can make in the security of your organization is security consulting that educates.

During this time when so many employees are working remotely, it has become even more important to provide the security education.

Our trainings stem from years of real world experience in security. Simple, yet effective. We customize the training to the needs of your organization, factoring in your industry, location, compliance requirements, and more.

2. Phishing Simulation

Simulating phishing is an efficient way to test employees' skills to identify suspicious emails, and in turn, apply security awareness best practices and measure their progress.

- No of emails sent, emails opened, emails clicked, data entered

- Most vulnerable individuals, department, branch, etc.

- Overall risk status


Security is a people’s problem first. Our security awareness training is designed to help companies radically improve the employee’s security knowledge and build a security culture across the organizations.

  • An empathetic approach

    We always take an empathetic approach that affirms and builds on the security knowledge your team has. We're privileged to work with people and teams who are at all experience when it comes to dealing with security.

  • Prevent future risk

    Our reports and advice and guidance aim to do more than just trainings, but understand what processes and education can prevent security challenges in the future.

  • We get where you're coming from

    We're developers, too. We know keeping up with the fast-changing world of software development is hard enough. Adding security on top of that is daunting. We come from that humble space, when trainings to developers.

Clients across industries

Established brands, government agencies, growing startups and everyone in between.

“We find Sumeru Services extremely professional and wherever we have engaged with Sumeru, we are extremely happy with the services, the technical knowledge of the personnel deputed, the professionalism exhibited and most of all the solution oriented attitude of resources onsite and offsite and the senior management. We in turn have increased the confidence levels of our services with our customers wherever we have engaged with Sumeru.”

- Hemalatha T (Ms), Business Head, UL DQS India