Most common IoT security challenges for businesses like yours.

  • - The number of IoT devices is increasing exponentially.
  • - Incorporating security across the entire business value chain, spanning from IoT devices and interconnected software to third-party applications and the continuously expanding supply chain.

How Sumeru can help?

Hardware Security

Focuses on firmware and hardware coverage of IoT Devices, e.g. firmware storage security, bootloader security, debug port security, serial interface security, etc.

Communication Security

Focuses on RF Communication and Data Communication, e.g. encryption testing, authentication testing, default mode security, proprietary protocols security, etc.

Application Security

Emphasizes web application security and mobile application security, e.g. identity management testing, authentication testing, platform security, data storage security, etc.

Cloud Security

Emphasizes cloud infrastructure, e.g. testing for misconfigured S3 buckets, Azure blobs, testing for exposed secrets or access keys, etc.

Sumeru's Approach

Sumeru’s end-to-end IoT security assessment (our award-winning 8-step methodology) & comprehensive IoT security services hold your ecosystem from external attacks.

  • Reconnaissance

  • Threat Modeling

  • Hardware Testing

  • Communication Testing

  • Web Application Testing

  • Mobile Application Testing

  • Cloud Testing

  • Remediation Steps & Verification