How Sumeru Threat Meter is helping financial organisations to rise above the basic security hygiene?

Most financial organizations’ digital footprints evolve and expand quickly. New services, solutions, and growing user-base make it harder to monitor all the digital assets which keep spilling exploitable data all over the internet. Attackers take advantage of it and intrude into the system.

By nature, the financial organizations are inter-connected with plentiful third-party vendors, multiple supply chains, technology providers, and other stakeholders.

In this scenario, monitoring the security posture is very challenging. But the hackers are relentless, targeted, sophisticated, and their nexus is more active than ever.

Recognizing this need, we at Sumeru have developed Threat Meter, a powerful external attack surface monitoring tool.

In today’s blog, let us understand how Threat Meter can help overcome the above mentioned challenges and help financial organizations improve their security.

Top cybersecurity threats to financial organisations 

According to the reports, below are the most recurrent threats to banks, NBFCs and other financial organisations.

  • Web Application Attacks
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Backdoors And Supply-Chain Attacks
  • Third-Fourth-Fifth Party Vendor Risks
  • Global Operational Risks
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Insider Threats

What we have observed? 

Along with the threats highlighted by the reports, we have also observed the below factors and trends.

  • Social Engineering attacks targeting employees
  • Internal applications are not secure and don’t have privileged access
  • Misconfigured cloud services leading to data access
  • Vulnerable APIs allowing access to data
  • Leaked credentials in publicly accessible directory
  • Attackers putting the data in dark web

How Threat Meter helped leading banks and NBFCs to protect their customers from cyber threats? 

The Problem

  • With increased online financial transactions, it becomes easy for scammers to imitate the net bank login pages and mobile apps to target end customers. 
  • Along with the technological improvements, the threat landscape has also increased, which helps attackers come up with various attack vectors.

The Solution 

  • Threat Meter continuously monitors the customers’ attack surface and digital assets, social media, and other web platforms. 
  • It helps clients identify risks, brand impersonations, phishing, and other targeted attacks. 
  • Threat Meter helps clients detect rogue mobile apps and fake customer care pages, that target end-users and leak credit and debit cards, etc. 

Emphasise on Takedown & Countermeasures Services

Sumeru’s takedown & countermeasures service helps organizations combat the external threat identified by Threat Meter.
Once a takedown has been initiated, Sumeru immediately responds with a set of actions that will significantly reduce the threat and ultimately eliminate the identified threats. 

Takedown coverage: 

  • Phishing Domains
  • Rouge Mobile Apps
  • Brand Impersonations having malicious intent

Rise above Basic Security Hygiene with Sumeru Threat Meter

Today, organizations spend significant money securing IT assets but forget about the internet. There’s so much sensitive information about businesses out there that organizations don’t even know exists. But hackers do.

Sumeru Threat Meter scans the entire public internet to find this information for the organisation and paints a clear picture of what the organisation’s attack surface looks like on the internet.

And it’s just the beginning of Threat Meter’s capabilities. In the last few months, we have used our external attack surface monitoring tool to help our clients across industries to rise above basic security hygiene and improve their security posture.

Stay tuned to our blog section to know more. Want to have a demo of Threat Meter? Reach out to us now.