About the webinar

Truth be told, the software developers don't consider security "part of their job." They keep their focus on the app's functionality, reliability, and performance. The onus is on the CISO, CTO, or one who is taking care of organisation's cyber security.

But the job is not easy. It's an unfair battle between the hackers (skilled, trained, and focused to destroy the app) and the developers (lack of knowledge and expertise in writing secure code and protect software from attacks).

At Sumeru, recognizing this need, we want to help you understand the perks of DevSecOps in our coming webinar, "DevSecOps for all". Here, we will talk about the traditional app security culture and the fundamental challenges, the eternal dilemma of speed vs. security fixes, and how DevSecOps can help you overcome the impediments and ensure better application security.

Key take aways

  • 1.

    How to Introduce security inside SDLC without slowing down the innovation

  • 2.

    How to automate every security activity into the DevOps pipeline

  • 3.

    Selecting the right tools and making everyone responsible for security

Who should attend?

  • - CISOs and CTOs who want to deliver more value

  • - Security leaders who are looking forward to strengthen their security further.

  • - Security professionals who want to level-up their security knowledge

About the speaker

The webinar will be hosted by Shashank Dixit, the Principal Security Consultant of Sumeru.

For the last 12 years, Shashank has helped organizations worldwide secure businesses and solve complex CISO problems. He is known for bringing rigor and discipline to security programs with a keen focus on improving defense.

Shashank believes security is a forever war, and consistent and conscious efforts are the most significant resources to stop cyber attacks. Join him for a live, interactive webinar on understanding the best DevSecOps practices on March 23rd at 4.00 PM IST.