How to create Private EC2 Instance in AWS?

Secure deployment of EC2 instance. Accessing the private instance via public instance to reduce the risk level of the servers.

STEP 1: Create a VPC.

STEP 2: Create two subnets inside the VPC “demo-vpc”

Subnet 1:

Subnet 2:

Both the subnets are private until connecting to the internet gateway.

STEP 3: Create an IG [Internet Gateway] and attach it to the VPC.

STEP 4: Check the Route Table and confirm the IG attached properly.

STEP 5: Create a Public EC2 instance by attaching the VPC, subnet, and assign public IP.

STEP 6: Create a Private EC2 instance by attaching the VPC and subnet alone. Disable public IP.

STEP 7: Attach the public instance security group as a source in the private instance.

Now, two instances are configured, one is private [Public IP not assigned] and another one is public.

STEP 8: Change the key permission and try accessing the private instance [] from the public instance [].

Successfully logged in !!


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