Want to be an invincible CISO? Watch this webinar.

2020 and the early 2021 have been challenging for every CISO.

According to the reports, 2020 has seen a whopping 141% increase in the total number of records compromised compared to 2019. The recent pandemic has doubled up the roles and responsibilities of a CISO with a set of new challenges-

  • A rise in ransomware
  • Consistent attacks on critical systems and supply chains
  • Insecure remote employees
  • More sophisticated phishing attempts
  • And the ever-growing talent shortage Being a CISO is one of the most demanding jobs now.

At Sumeru, recognizing this need, we organized the webinar “Be the Invincible CISO” to help the CISOs become “The Invincible CISOs.” Sumeru’s Chief Program Officer Chidhanandham Arunachalam spoke in-length on the challenges of CISO and the security leaders, professionals and the best practices to overcome those challenges.


Watch this amazing webinar to

1. Get ideas around business-security fit

2. Achieve clarity in Security Roadmap- Budget – Reality and making the business case to investors, board, and management

3. Rise above basic security hygiene to fight better against evolving cyber attacks

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