Let’s bust the myths of DevSecOps

DevSecOps is often misunderstood. Organizations consider it as a roadblock of security. Today, we will bust few popular myths of DevSecOps.


  1. DevSecOps slows down the innovation:
    Organisations perceive security as the roadblock to their software development lifecycle. They have the apprehension that the security testing and remediation might slow down the software development and become an impediment to meet the timeline.

    Where the truth is failure to catch security issues early delivers a poor and vulnerable app.  An organised DevSecOps team work with caution and use an automation tool to ensure the security is never a roadblock to the software development.

  2. Organisations lose control when they move to DevSecOps:
    A traditional software development lifecycle has a set of stakeholders and workflow. A move to DevSecOps may seem like a loss of control to project managers, developers, QA. Organisations consider the introduction of security testing and training might a disruption of their conventional code and ship fast.Experienced DevSecOps team understand the business challenges and work seamlessly with the software developers to help them build and deliver secure software.
  3. DevSecOps is all about speed and speed:
    There’s the ongoing myth that DevSecOps is about speed and speed only. Improving software delivery velocity is one of the many aspects of DevSecOps.Automation help speedy deployments and improves software quality and compliance.In our recent webinar, we addressed all the myths, misconceptions of DevSecOps and help security professionals and DevOps experts to understand the importance of implementing security at the early stage of Software Development Lifecycle.
    Watch it now  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LomUgr6OlXY